Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Researching the background to Little Brother

Here are some links to specific topics:

The Conflict Map
This interactive map shows where wars were fought throughout the 20th Century. You can zoom in on Cambodia for information.

Thai/Cambodian Border Refugee Camps 1975 - 1999
Explore what it must have been like at the refugee camp where Vithy waited, hoping to find Mang.

Angkor - World Heritage Listing
Find out why Angkor is valued as a world heritage site.

What do you think a cyclo looks like?

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

A few of the best

A selection of the illustrations students completed reflecting on the novel Little Brother by Allan Baillie. Thanks Patrick, Nathan, Marc, Anik and Daniel.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Cambodia 1965 and 1976

At the end of the chapter called The Road Vithy walks into Phnom Phen, the capital city of Cambodia. He had been there before in happier times with his family and is shocked by what he finds:

He walked slowly towards the centre of the city, feeling colder with each step. He passed many cars left by the side of the road, smashed, dented, sometimes burnt. A touch of wind whirled paper out of the gutter. Vithy was watching more paper money than he'd ever seen in his life littering the street. Awnings sagged from buildings with shattered windows and stained walls. Shops were bare and open. (From Little Brother by Allan Baillie, Puffin edition, 2004, p.21-22.)

This video shows the city of Phnom Phen in 1965. You can see it was a busy city with many beautiful buildings.

Cambodia Khmer Rouge 1975 to 1979

This 3 minute film gives a summary of the era of Cambodian history commonly referred to as The Killing Fields.

Friday, 18 May 2007


Go to GAPMINDER and investigate life expectancy and population changes in Cambodia from 1960 to 2005.

This isn't as big a task as it sounds. Just adjust the vertical axis and horizontal axis by changing the drop down menu, and play the animated chart.

What questions can you ask about Cambodia?

Picture by eszter

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Little Brother by Allan Baillie

Little Brother is a thrilling story of survival set in the forests of Cambodia. Vithy is alone after his brother diverts the attention of the soldiers who are chasing them. Now he must rely on his own judgement to get through this dangerous forest and find Mang again. But there are many frightening adventures on the way. It is time for this little brother to grow up quickly.

Allan Baillie has written many books, including other survival stories. Read about his most recent title: Cat's Mountain. Go to the author's home page to find out more about how he came to write Vithy's story. Little Brother has now been published in many countries besides Australia, including France, Denmark, Britain and the United States.

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